Bot icon is overlapping with CTAs

The bot icon is overlapping with major CTA’s on mobile screens and can we add some padding-bottom. Is it possible to do so?

@Srinivas can you share the website link where the bot is deployed?

Note: You can hide default bot icon, deploy a custom button on website, and open the bot when users click on custom button.

@akshay_bhat Shared the details over slack dm.


Currently CTA is covered by bot icon

Can we achieve as per the below screenshot?

@Srinivas Below are 2 options:
1 - Write a custom script to override the position, or
2 - Hide the default icon → create a custom entry point/button on the site → use window.YellowMessengerPlugin.openBot() function to open the bot when a user clicks on custom button

For #2, refer the following documentation: Customize chat bot using functions |

@akshay_bhat Can you please elaborate more on this approach? Customer’s team is also not sure on this like what exactly to be done here. Please help.

@akshay_bhat On this approach, customer team tried this but they are not able to view the pop-up and unread messages count on the bot icon. Is this the limitation here? Please confirm.


@Rajesh_Kovuri This is basically writing some custom code to override the css style of the widget. You can go through the Custom script guidelines doc

Yes, the chat bubble, and notification icon won’t show up if a custom icon is deployed