Bot Data automation

Client has checked the “Insights” section. It has the relevant data but it is spread across multiple tables.

Couple of questions:

  1. Can we have a way in which all this data from multiple tables is joined on a mobile number?
  2. Also, after joining → can we send it to leadsquared? Maybe at scheduled time?

Also is there any time period for which this data is stored for?

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@Pralay_Ghosh -

  1. Join capability between tables is currently not possible. However, we’ll allow storing custom user properties (like mobile number) on some of the default tables soon. For now, customer has to export the required tables and do analysis on excel.
  2. Data sync capability on the platform is WIP currently. For now, customer can schedule email alerts of all saved reports on Data Explorer.
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@Sanskrity Any ETA you want to share as of now for the point number 1

@Pralay_Ghosh Mid of next quarter.

@Sanskrity Please confirm do I need to raise any tickets on the same

@Sanskrity Please confirm me on this

Yes, please raise it.