How do I connect the DB to Power BI

I need to get the data from the tables and join those to create analytics dashboards. How do we do that?

You can make use of our in-house dashboarding tool over at Insights.

If you’re collecting data via a DB table in the bot flow, you will have a custom dataset to play around with and visualize data.
Alternatively, you can export the database table as a .csv to dashboard within powerBI

Have tried the platform’s in-house dashboarding. It does not support a bunch of features like - table joins, visuals are basic , does not support sequencing once someone adds a number of columns, etc.
The data needs to be updated daily and manual intervention needs to be removed.

You can leverage a custom API to make a POST call to send this data to powerBI. Let me know

Docs on adding APIs

Out of curiosity, have you explored the Native Query ability to write SQL to perform joins.

Additionally, what would be some of the features you’re looking for. Your feedback means a lot to improve the dashboarding process that exists right now. A public forum can help validate these within the community :slight_smile:


Yes - got that done but the limit for Yellow platform is 10k records - I want to do a full table transfer daily that is close to 60k records.