Bot events - event names

I want to track whenever a user clicks on the chat widget and the widget loads in.

I can see that we have bot_loads as an event which we’re tracking.

When I set the filter to track this, I can see that at specific timestamp, the event count is 1000+

  • What is the count based on?
  • What is the 1hr time intervals based on?
  • What is the difference with the event widget_loaded


  1. Count is the number of similar instances that’s rolled up to one record
  2. Based on data being rolled up every 1 hour
  3. Bot load is when bot loads on website. Widget load is when chatbot widget is opened.

so for (1)

if it says at 2:30pm the count of widget loaded 1000 times.
The understanding is that from 1:30-2:30pm, the bot was opened 1000 times?

@gautham Yes, that’s correct.

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