How can we see the report or analytics for number of users that have come to bot from different website urls

One of the clients asked us if we can keep a track or see the analysis of how many users have opened or visited the bot from a particular site. They have different sites and the bot is hosted on them now they just want a report that how many users are there from a particular site.
I checked the analytics(insights) but it is not there. Now I tried to utilise the pageUrl variable and implemented the logic of inserting the details in a custom db, but it captures the users that have not opened the bot yet or started conversing the bot.

@Aadil_Malla How about storing the details only for users who opened the bot? You can listen to bot-opened event:

@akshay_bhat Tried this but it seems bot-opened event is not triggering the particular flow where the db configuration is done.

@Aadil_Malla Are you saying that you’re able to store event for all users but, not able to filter out the ones with bot-opened event?