Bot Migration for all active GoB 2.0 participants

Hola folks!
We understand that many of you are facing issues with bot-building on Hence we’ve decided to migrate your bot to our official platform:

Please share your email ID and bot ID using this form:

Steps to follow after submitting the form:

  1. You’ll also receive an email in a couple of hours to sign up on
  2. Signup using this link in case you have registered with a personal ID
  3. Post signup, accept the bot invite from the notification button.



Hi @Pratik
I had received an invitation to register on but when i try to do so, it asks me to enter a company email id. So am not able to proceed with my gmail id. Please suggest what to do.


Hello @Rajasekar you can use this link to signup on

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Thanks @Pratik . I was able to sign up with this link, it worked.

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Hi @Pratik ,
I have created an account and logged into, but am unable to find the bot. I have filled the form last night, and would be glad if my bot could be migrated ASAP so we can finish working on it.


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Please give us some time to migrate your bot to
Deadline for submission has been extended till 25th August, so you’ll have enough time to work on your bot now.

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I have signed up and filled the form but not able find the bot. Didn’t get any invite. Kindly look into it @Pratik .

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Hello @tahir1413
Since you submitted the form yesterday only, your bot hasn’t been migrated yet. It will be done in a couple of hours.

@Pratik I haven’y received the the invite till now. It has been 3 days. Could you check from your end and sort it out?

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Sure Tahir,
We’ll migrate your bot and give access to you ASAP.
Sorry for the delay.

We’ve sent a bot invite on your registered email ID. Once you accept that invite, you’ll be able to continue your bot building journey.

@Pratik could you send the invitation again, when i click on accept its taking me to and its asking me to sign up with business email id. I tried on also but once I accepted, couldn’t see the bot.

Can you please schedule a call with me: Calendly - Pratik Parmar

I’d be happy to help.