Can the look and feel of the V2 bot be made like V1 bot?

Hello Team,

We were working on a project, where clients were unhappy with the look and feel of the V2 bot.
Primary reason of being unhappy is because the cards are having much blank space/empty space.
Even after filling the empty space with some content, the empty space is getting increased.
Please suggest the needful.

Below are the reference images where clients used the bot script of V2 version bot and then changed it to V1.


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Namaste @ajeet.shankar
Card sizes are dynamic based on the content. All cards match the size of the one/more card(s) which has maximum number of characters, in order to maintain uniformity.

While the card size is bigger in V2 (new), the bot size is also bigger and users can see more content at once. In the attached screenshots, we can see cards in V1 have only one button while V2 has two, which is also adding up to size increase.