Customising the look of the bot on the website

Hey guys, wanted some tips on how you guys have made your bot look right with your website. Our bot currently could look a bit better, so I am looking for some insights on design choices when it comes to icon, font selection, primary and secondary colour selections.

Would love to know how you guys chose something for the website bot’s look.

Hi @ArjunT

Please go to the link to check for the different designs{botId}/channels/chat-widget

where botId = your botid

Hey @ArjunT,

You can check Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, and other platforms for color inspirations. When you choose a color combination, do run an accessibility test to make sure your colors are helpful to people who converse with your bot. As for fonts, try to find a font similar to your website (and one that supports). For icons, you can find one which best suits your brand or use case.

Do read our case studies and articles if you’d like to take inspiration from any of them →,


Feel free to share your bot here so others can provide their feedback.