Can we get WhatsApp profile name during initial message(welcome message)

Can we get WhatsApp profile user name? Tried using system variables but not receiving name. Any suggestions here.

Hi @ajay.mehta you can use variables node. Store this {{{}}} in a variable in the starting of the bot and then you can print that variable.

Used {{{}}}also @Jayesh_Rana but not getting name, getting mobile number if i am using {{{}}}

Can you get this from a function and then debug from UI?

used using function also @Subhrajit_Gupta, but getting the number instead of name.

Hi @ajay.mehta As per the screenshoot 1. {{{}}} your getting phone number in text node, please check your WhatsApp once, have u provided number in place of profile name ?

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Please check your name in Whatsapp Account.

@Maruthi_KR @Subhrajit_Gupta My WA Profile name is Name only. I checked from 2 WA account.

Hi @ajay.mehta ,
This is my from WA.

  "data": {
    "country": "India",
    "country_code": "IN",
    "firstTime": false,
    "name": "7TheMr_77",
    "timezone": "+05:30"

My name is 7TheMr_77 in WA and I logged

console.log(data.profile, "profile in check new")

In My case, number is getting updated in place of name.


This seems like a bug if you’ve verified that the name on your end is different.
Please raise an internal ticket.

raised jira ticket @gautham Log in with Atlassian account