Can we invoke one function from another in cloud platform?

Can we invoke one function from another in cloud platform ?

No, we cant do it. Cloud a stateless.
Except if you have app object enabled.

can you please help with little details what you meant by app object

App has a lot of properties exposed via which different actions can be invoked in the app platform.


but app can’t be accessed in cloud. It requires special access if given by the platform team.
Its will function like an app bot where you can access all these app properties.

Thank You!

Okay got it, Thanks alot Subhrajit.

in cloud do we have any alternative way to achieve this

No, we do not. What is the problem you’re facing/highlight your use-case please.

So basically client is on a migration process from app to cloud platform
Use Case

We define and expose reusable functions in a common function, this is very important for making the code modular.

Existing solution:

const { checkTicketDuplication } = await app.executeFunction(‘utility’);

So create a node with function utility and its content which remains separate and keep invoking it via a node itself.

Now as I can understand that its a line in flow followed by many other possible business logic, you might need to break down that logic in multiple nodes.

Or if you have app object enabled in cloud, for which you need to justify it to platform team you can have the same way of build as you have in app.
But in case you don’t you need to break down the code in segments.

Okay got it
Thanks alot Subhrajit