Anyone could list down the different between old platform and cloud?

Anyone could list down the advantage of migrating from the old platform to the cloud?

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Hi @pdeth

The App platform was our stepping stone for building enterprise grade bots for many years. Though, it had the underlying challenge of being code heavy. Only a developer could build a bot back then.

With the Cloud platform, we’ve taken it further by:-

  • Providing the same Enterprise grade NLU that evolves over time
  • Numerous channels and integrations and can be plugged in with a few clicks.
  • A General Low-code direction we’re taking with the product so that all teams can leverage conversational automations by building out and taking the bots live with little to no-code.

For example,

  • Old platform: You would have to take an email-id as input and then write a function to validate it.
  • New platform: You can simply use the email node which performs the validation out of the box.

Couple of other factors like Templates and Point-and-Click integrations enable you to take the bot live in a few days — not weeks :slight_smile: