Client is expecting us to share the API endpoints of WhatsApp

Hi Team

Sell any car team is expecting us to share the whatsApp API endpoints with tokens.

Client name: Sell any car
Bot id: x1623372691928
Platform: Cloud bot

Use case: Client is expecting us to share the API endpoints of WhatsApp and our Platform Integration with access tokens.

When a user types anything on the bot, It should go to their platform and what ever response they provided by them will be reflected on the bot.

Reason: Client is from UAE, Their agencies wants to all the conversations should happen from their platform. So they expect all the conversations happening on the bot should go through their end.

Hi @pavan ,

Will there be agents on their platform who will be responding on their behalf? In this case they can use our customer agent integration to raise a ticket and respond to users. Please reach out to Integration team for the same but there is no direct way for routing the messages to a third party platform and respond back to users in the same way.

We would suggest them to let their Agent Respond from our Agent Dashabord itself which has all the Agent actions and reporting available out of the box with NLP support for non operating hours where the Bot can take over.

Hi @Wasim_Laskar

Thanks for the response

Here there wont be any agents involvement. The bot responses will be happening from our end but whole bot conversations should be reflected on their platform.