Convert Database record into CSV file

How to convert Database record into CSV file in Cloud Platform??

Can you share the usecase?

We Need to filter a day data from DB and to send that on daily basis via email

Hi @Likhin_Jain_S_M ,
The outbound Notification node allows you to send Mail.
You can search the DB, create the CSV format in text in the function
However, sending the Email having an attachment is probably not available as a feature as of now.
Consider raising a ticket for the same in JIRA.

Thanks for the info @Subhrajit_Gupta

Hi @Likhin_Jain_S_M , you can create a report by applying filter to the database and then you can send the data to your email id as a csv.


Our Use case is to do a dynamic Db search and to send the report once a day.
This approach is not suitable to our use case.
However Thanks for the Info @Harshin_Balaji.