Loop through a CSV file (around 1000 rows) and add it's content to CDP

We are trying to add content of a CSV file to our Users 360 table.
The CSV file will be fetched from the clients SFTP server through a cron job.

Given there’s no bulk upload option in CDP (from within bot level) we have created a loop in the flow to iterate through each row in the CSV file and add it individually.

However, the loop works for a few times and post that we are getting the following error:

    "message": "Limit of continues flow exceeded",
    "stack": "Error: Limit of continues flow exceeded    at nextExecutableStepNewBuilder (/app/components/builder/nextStep.js:1183:10)    at async executeNewBuilder (/app/components/builder/nextStep.js:1285:28)"

Is there any other way to achieve this?