Date picker is not working if user is not selecting the date

Whenever user is selecting month and year from date picker node but without clicking on date he hit the confirm button as an ideal case the date picker should take the changed month and year along with the today’s date but here we are getting today’s date with current month and year
example:- i have selected month as september and year 2022 but didn’t clicked on the date button and hit confirm button as a result i am getting 21 Aug 2023.
Do we have any solution for this?

Hey @AmanKumar,

I understand your concern. But If the user picked up a month and year, the date should also be picked up by the user.

And also, We are displaying the current date at the top. Even after the user changes the month and year, you can still see that the date at the top has not been changed.

If required, After the date selection step, you can have a Quick Reply to show the selected date to the user and can have the Quick Reply options as ‘Change Date’ and ‘Confirm Date’.

By doing so, The user can double confirm their date selection.