I am selecting the date in by using date picker but after selecting also it is givng null value

I am using platform date picker node and i am selecting date from that picker and storing in object variable it is storing as null value

Hi @Mounika_Reddy to access the date object variables use {{{variables.vairable_name.value.date}}} and vice versa to access month and year.

Thanks @Jayesh_Rana but data is not stored in Variable_name that is the issue

Hey @Mounika_Reddy Did you try the same way I told you.??
if it doesn’t work we connect once.
If it is possible for you??

Hi @Jayesh_Rana / @Mounika_Reddy

Has this been resolved?
If so, what were the steps taken to debug this?

@gautham issue is still there it is happening in FK HR bot

So the issue here seems to be that the variable is not getting stored after selecting an option in the date picker node right?

This is working on my end while I store it in an OBJECT and so this is probably a bug that requires an internal ticket.

Please raise a jira