Deep link for Mobile app on cloud platform

Hi Team, good evening.

Please let us know if anyone has worked on the Deep link for the mobile app in the cloud platform.

cc @vivek @Aporve_Bhatnagar

Hey @Divs
Is this for Mobile SDK?

Good morning @akshay_bhat
Yes this is for mobile SDK for Andriod and iOS.

cc @vivek @Aporve_Bhatnagar

Hi @akshay_bhat

Please take note that we have implemented the deeplink in the app platform by using below code in the main function and now we are migrating to cloud please suggest how do we implement the same in the cloud bot.

if ( == “accInfo”) {
return app.sendEvent({
code: ‘sendIOSEvent’,
data: {
code: ‘Profile Account’,
data: “

Please let me know if you need any further information.

cc @vivek @Aporve_Bhatnagar


Is it not working after migrating to the cloud? Can you confirm this once?

Hi @Sankalp_Gupta We have not yet migrated, since we used main function in the app platform we were able to implement there, we want to know how can we implement the same in the cloud platform without using main function access.

cc @vivek @Aporve_Bhatnagar