Difference between Development environment and Live environment for Outbound campaign

If there is a specific customer who is using the platform only to send out the outbound notifications then what are the differences that they will find between Development and Live environment ? Can they run a campaign directly through the Development environment ? Any limitations in Outbound campaign in Dev env vs Live env ?

Hi Samarth,

The reason for having two environments is to avoid making changes directly in Live bot. Instead of changes can be done in Dev Environment and once tested can be pushed to Live.

Campaigns cannot be run in development environment because the Whatsapp number in case of whatsapp campaigns will be ideally connected to Live environment.

Hi Harshin

But in case if the WABA is configured for both Development and live ?

If WABA is configured in both the env. In Dev, you can run the campaigns with the number connected to dev env

Can the same WABA number be connected to both dev and live env ?