Notifications using developer number on WhatsApp

Our customer uses a single WhatsApp number for development and production environments. After our first release, WA number was disconnected from Development and added to live env and added the developer number. Now the developer can access the dev bot but cannot create or run notifications using templates. How to handle this scenario?

Hey @RamachandraReddy disable development mode in the bot.


We have a new requirement and we are working on that in the development environment. So we need to add our developer number for further development. But we were not able to create templates in development environment.

Hello @RamachandraReddy ,

As the WA templates are approved by the Facebook we need a WA number to create templates. To resolve this we can create templates in live itself an use the APIs to trigger notifications to the developer number to test the bot flow in dev.

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Hello @Pigilam_Chidivilas_S

I tried the same but we are using Quick replies in the template which triggers one of the journeys in dev env. So if we try creating a template in live we don’t have access to newly created Journeys. Is there any way or work-around to achieve this?

You will not be able to configure button action since the journeys are not there in production.

In order to test the journeys in development,

  1. Enable Quick reply Event from the Event Hub.
  2. Assign the Quick Reply event to the journey you want to trigger.
  3. After testing it, you can push the change to production.

Note - Testing WA number should be added to Development environment.

You can configure the button action later on as well.

FYI, IM able to trigger the journeys after the template is created.