Disconnect whatsapp not respond

i want to disconnect whatsapp, because i want to change number in whatsapp business
when i click connect buttoon, popup show
and when i hit delete button, nothing happend
what should i do to disconnect whatsapp / change facebook business page ?

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Can you please share WhatsApp number with me? I’ll ask the team to disconnect it form the backend.

can i ask question too ?
after i succesful registering my number when connecting whatsapp with yellow AI,
i cant login into my number in my phone
it said is not a valid number for the country Indonesia
is there someone experience this issue like me ?
because i cant login into whatsapp, and need to change my number

my registered number is
+62 895-6160-33343

thank you

Once you add your number to the bot, you cannot use that particular number as your WhatsApp number, all the communication on that number has to be done via the bot only

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ahhhhh thank you for your explain
so thats it
but, after you add number to the bot, how to edit whatsapp name or description ?

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You can edit the WhatsApp name from the Facebook Business Manager and you can update the bot description from the bot settings.

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