Whatsapp Approval Says Declined

Can anyone help us with Whatsapp approval? It says declined. Where to find the reason for decline?


You can go over to your Facebook business Manager and check if the mobile number has been flagged for any reason from Meta’s end.

Hi Gautham,

Thanks for the quick reply. It is approved by Meta. Screenshot mentioned below

Now, I am unable to sign up to Whatsapp as well

The number is connected correctly to your bot. You can attempt to message that number and you’ll find that the bot will respond to it.

The Declined is a probably a UI error but functionality wise there should be no issues with your number.

With respect to testing this via your phone,
Once you’ve connected your number to a Business Service Provider (in this case yellow), you cannot use it as your personal number or for manual messaging. All messages sent from that number would have to go through the Business itself.

Hence you’re unable to login and access via the number on your phone.

We have signed up with Yellow. Shall we go ahead and set up the bot flows? Once the flow is to transfer to the live agent. Will it happen in the current scheme?