Display two lists(of message type) back to back in Whatsapp

Can any one help me know if we can display two lists(of message type) back to back in Whatsapp?

@Yogesh_Jagan If you would like to display two WhatsApp lists back to back you can make use of WhatsApp list from the message type nodes as it does not expect a response from the user and use one from the prompt nodes to capture the user response and validate the same.

Hi @Pigilam_Chidivilas_S , I tried the soulution you have suggested , but it is not working, I was not able to send even a text message after I send WA list as a message.

@Yogesh_Jagan can we connect on this? you can ping me on slack

Yes, Sure. Could you please share your email connected to slack ?

you can join over here https://meet.google.com/xdy-obej-yec

Sorry Chidivilas , missed your message , can we connect at 3:30?