Whatsapp Carousel and List Display

Hello , can any one let me know if we can display a whatsapp carousel and List at a time?Like in the below image?

Hi @Yogesh_Jagan The above screenshot doesn’t have a carousel.
It has a image, followed by a message, followed by a quick reply with 3 options, followed by a quick reply with 1 option, followed by a whatsapp list.

Yes you can create the same by following the above order in the studio.

Hi @dietcoke Thanks for the response, but as far as I know quick replies in whatsapp are coming as lists and I was not able to send quick replies and list at the same time. Can you suggest a solution to help me achieve the same as in the image? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Yogesh_Jagan ,

Its not possible for quick replies to come as lists. Please share screenshot.

This is the doc for quick reply node & This is the doc for Whatsapp list

Rest here is how you can achieve the sequence of the above screenshot in studio

1.Send image using image node.
2.Send text message with a text node.
3.Send quick replies using quick reply node with 3 quick reply buttons.
4.send another quick reply with quick reply node with 1 quick reply button.
5.Send Whatsapp list using whatsapp list node.

Hi @dietcoke apologies for the confusion created. I mean to say quick replies are coming as numbered lists in Whatsapp as shown in the image below instead of appearing as buttons.
And also can you please let me know how to send another quick reply immediately after a quick reply without waiting for the response from the first quick reply.

Please find the image of the flow here.


@Yogesh_Jagan If you would like to show the prompts as shown in the question you can make use of carousel and whatsapp list in the message nodes section rather than prompt nodes section and show them immediately without waiting for a response from the user but remember to add one of them as a prompt so we can validate the user response.

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@Pigilam_Chidivilas_S Thank you so much, the solution worked for me.