Dynamic text nodes

Hi @here team need one help, not sure the feasibility of this use case.
Let me know if it’s even possible or not.

Use-case => We have a function which will have an array of object, each object has some key values. We need to make our flow dynamic and have the text nodes in the flow as per the length of array.

Example - The array has 5 object we need to have 5 text nodes, n objects n text nodes.
CC: @Aporve_Bhatnagar @Saravanan_R @Agilan_KS

Hi @Atharva_Agrawal ,
If I understand correctly, you want to ask repeated questions in prompt as many as there is in an array of object.
It is possible.
You resolve the first or 0th object every time, form a question, text or Quick Reply, and delete that object from the first position post answering or leaving of the text node.
This loop will continue till the array has 0 items left

Hope it helps.
Let me know what it is.


Thank you @Subhrajit_Gupta for help!