Getting issue with the website

we are getting issue to load the platform/website properly, as well as unable to open the channels for integration. icons are not loading.
I have attached screenshots of the issues for your reference.

Please help to get this fixed.

Please check your internet connection once or clear the cache memory of your browser once.

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Done! No changes still getting the same issue. checked with other team member they are also facing the same issue.

can you give me the bot access to

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Hello Jayesh, thank for your quick response.

I have shared the detail over mail and also provided the access of bot.

Hey @gaurav i cross checked the bot. It is perfectly working fine even Iā€™m able to raise a ticket with the agent.

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but in my pc still i am getting the same issue, even my team mate also facing the same issue we are unable to see the chat preview option as well.

how can we get this fix??

Can try this once on any other system or change your internet network once.

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In my personal laptop it is working fine. this might be because of organization policy.

Thank You Jayesh for the help.