Google Calendar: Schedule meeting. Awesome but I need to adjust time for my country

First of all I would like to congratulate you guys for this template. It is awesome!!!

But, I need to adjust the time for my country´s time. I scheduled a meeting for 2PM and it showed up in my calendar at 5:30AM.

How do I fix it my friends? That huge function is not easy for me!!! Thanks a lot my friends!!!

Hi @Doggy-Wild_and_Free,

Thanks for reaching out.

For time being you can go into this function ‘getDateAndTime’, at line number 5 and 9 please change the timezone to your timezone by default it will be ‘+05:30’.

Going forward we will make sure this constants will be configured as variables and one will be able to set these in values in the variables itself instead of editing inside the functions.

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