Google sheet integration issue for Array data type

Hi Platform team,

Currently, I’m building for the use case which have google sheet integration inside.
I have chosen the method is “Insert/Update Value in sheet”.

So, the use case is. Whenever customer send the respond to the bot. Their customer respond will be sent to the Google sheet as part of last journey.

Based on the parameter in gsheet. I have configured for the Data as Array. But, if I check in the log, our platform recognized as a string not as an array. Please help to solve this issue. If you want to discuss with me. Please contact me over slack or gmeet. PFA for log error. Kindly check.


Hi @Andika_Januarianto,

Can you help us understand how the value in variable datapemilih is getting generated/computed?
Can you also try passing a hard coded array from variables section?

This is value for Variable “DataPemilih”

I also tried in hardcode in global variable. But, the error is still the same.

Please help. Thanks