Dynamic Data in POST call

How can i pass dynamic data of type int in the JSON body of the Post call in the bot flow.Please answer this asap

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For internal APIs, you can pass it as a string variable and store it as an integer in the db table. Let us know if that works.
Sample request:

let data = {
    "number": "{{number}}"

Sample response

                    "_index": "x1641883612305_test",
                    "_type": "_doc",
                    "_id": "6450a5deba450a0e311f081b",
                    "_score": 1,
                    "_source": {
                        "@timestamp": "2023-05-02T05:55:42.425Z",
                        "@version": "1",
                        "insertedDate": "2023-05-02T05:55:42.413Z",
                        "number": 36,
                        "updatedDate": "2023-05-02T05:55:42.413Z"

For details, see Send data to API | yellow.ai