Hiding the Chatbot from users before/after a healthcare consultation


My app is a telemedicine platform and we want to allow our patients and doctors to communicate with each other before the consultation. However, we want the chatbot to only be available to the user who has scheduled a consultation one hour before their consultation. The user should only be able to communicate with the doctor they are consulting with (the chatbot should not be available to the user to communicate with any doctor on our platform).

Can we configure the chatbot in a way that it is only available to users after they have completed a specific action (in this case, registered for a telehealth consultation)? And configure such that it is only available for one hour prior to their consultation so that it closes as soon as the consultation ends?

Hi Ahilya,

You can use window.YellowMessengerPlugin.hide() and window.YellowMessengerPlugin.show() functions to show and hide the bot icon. Please refer to this doc.