How can we pass payload in pwa url?

How can we pass payload in pwa url?

is there a maximum char if we pass payload in pwa url?

Hey @Abdullah_Zuhud

In the url, you can pass payload like this :point_down:<bot_id>?ym.payload={%22name%22:%22sakshi%22}

Not sure on the char limit.{"name":"zuhud","email":""}&ym.triggerJourney=download-baf-mobile_psymsl

i try to do like this, and try to retrieve payload from this url using

name payload : {{{}}}

but it is not coming in the messages

Please advise{"name":"sakshi"}&ym.triggerJourney=download-baf-mobile_psymsl

@Abdullah_Zuhud this link works

there is some bugs if we use fullscreen parameter.

and btw i just know that we need to encode to pass the payload as object. otherewise it will not clickable in mobile.

Hey @Abdullah_Zuhud
For an alternative, you can get the URL from the system properties and you can do logic to get the payload

I hope this helps.