ym.triggerJourney params query on pwa link is not working

Im using the ym.triggerJourney params on pwa link but it seems it is not triggering the journey. can someone help me with this? am I using incorrect slug?
this is cloud bot

Can you make sure that by triggering this journey directly, the bot function would not result in an error or has a dependency on anything that comes from a journey before?

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Hi @Subhrajit_Gupta thanks for replying

I’ve tried to trigger simple journey and send a text message but it is still not working. can we have a call for this?

Can you share the PWA link that you are executing with this trigger?

sure, here it is

tried to run with a simple flow like this

hello guys, I am glad to be here, I have a tiny little beginner question… would someone kindly help me please?