How do I upload a GIF animated, with a public youtube URL, in to my Carousel Card?

Hello people,

I have a .gif animated that has 8.5MB. I already have an Youtube URL for it, which is:

I am trying to upload this file into my carousel and I am not being successful, please help me once more… dear team!!!

Regards, Luis

Guys, let me explain:

I was trying to use the “Automotive Industry” template from the marketplace. I just exchanged the url in the DB for the one I have (the above one), just to see if it would work. But, I didn´t work and I would like to understand why.

But, once more, going throught the simplest way, without using functions, just going directly to the carousel node, I could solve my problem.

When I do demo (that´s what I do as a Product Manager of @ Sicolos Tech), I use this working time to learn more and more, so, I would like to learn why, for that template, which shows the GIF of those cars (Model V15 and Model R25)…the developer instead of going throught the simplest way (just adding nodes… etc…)… he did throught a “database and function way”…maybe I can learn something more from you guys, because I am curious person!

So, there is no urgency, I just would like to understand the why´s, I am sure there is a reason and it would be awesome to know!!!

For all of you, A great new year!!! Regards,