How do we access entity values

I’m using a list entity in a flow, I want to capture a value from utterances and check with entity value , so that I can store it in a variable and use it for further journey. But how do I print the entity value by using a variable. What is the format to extract the value.:
Utterance: I am looking for a job in India.
Logic condition : EntityValue citylist = India,
If condition is true
Variable : Want to store the value and display the response to the user based on India.

entity value might help you here

I want to access the same values after the condition logic. How do we print these values in the responses or how to access these values in the journey for other purpose?


You can refer this: City entity for a weather chatbot - #8 by Subhrajit_Gupta

Hi ,

I have used the method based on the reference that you provided using two approaches,
Approach -1. prediction.global_entities[1].text - This syntax is not extracting the value from the user utterances , can you try from your end and let me know.

Approach - 2. Auto skip feature in the Question prompt - This approach partially works in the bot, but how do we handle when a particular country name is not trained in the Entity list.

For EX: If a user enters an utterance that “I want a job in France” , the entity that I use in the flow does not consist France as an item in the Entity list. So the bot repeats the user utterance as response since it couldn’t find the value in the entity list. What should we do in this case.