Unable to use entity in question nodes

Hi Team,

  1. I have to use date system entity but I am unable to find in the present entities as its mentioned in the documents. I am getting only (name, number, email, city, country, language).
  2. I have one usecase for flight booking
    usecase name - I want to book ticket from Delhi to Mumbai
    I am using system entity city in the autoskip promts question nodes but unable to getting correct response.

Hey Sankskriti,

We don’t have inbuilt date entity, (name, number, email, city etc are profile variables and not entities btw)
If you would like to define date entity, can use regex type.

For 2. Can you please add city entity and use the city name in one of the utterances for that intent and then check if its working, or please share more details around this on what all you’ve done here.

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Hi Apoorva,

Can I use the city entity from system entity or I have to create custom entity for city name.
Although I have created two custom entity (sourcecityname & destinationcityname) for this usecase usecase name - I want to book ticket from Delhi to Mumbai by using simple regex pattern [a-zA-Z]+ and autoskip is working also:

The city value I am storing in the created variable but when I am using the variable for print the city name so I am unable to get the city name in the text response.
And in the utterance training I am doing same as you mentioned (I have trained couples of utterances by using different city name).

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Hi Apoorva,
I hope my doubts is clear to you.
So, by when I expect the the response from you ?


Hey Sanskriti,

Can you please share access to your bot with apoorva@yellow.ai

Or just attach some screenshots here for my reference.

I have shared the access with you,
I have to use auto skip prompts in ticket booking journey but there is lot of discrepancies I am getting as I mentioned in previous chat. If you don’t have any issue so can we connect over the call by tomorrow if possible ?

Sure, have sent you a DM, still if you can add screenshots here, will be good for reference of others also. Thanks!