How to create a custom widget for notification api

Our customer wants to pull some data using a custom SQL query on notification reports, they were not able to find any table name to query the data.

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Hi @RamachandraReddy ,

Can you specify what Data is required in order for us to point to the right place of where the info will be available.

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@Wasim_Laskar Customer wants to get a report on the combination of two columns. That is only notifications got delivered along with the template id.

for example, how many SMS got delivered for template id : 1234

@RamachandraReddy The notifications report is an update type table, where every record gets updated based on occurrence of new events. For e.g. a notification in delivered status will change to Read status once it is read by the end user.

So to get the report you need, go to Data Explorer > Notifications report > Filter for required template ID > Filter for Status = delivered + read + (any other status that is relevant) > Summarise by Count