Can we schedule the notification weekly report to specific mail IDs

We have a requirement from the client wherein few members from the client’s end wants to receive specific reports to their mail ID weekly. Is this possible? if yes can someone please tell us the process?

Looking for App platform (On-premise bot)

Hi @Samyuktha_G , you can select the beta version of data explorer from the growth section in app.

You will be redirected to cloud’s data explorer. There you can find the notification reports table. In that table you can slice and dice the data you require and save it as a report.

After creating an report, you can go to the report select actions and schedule a weekly report to the email.

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Please refer to this documentation - Data explorer with default and custom tables |

Let us know if this helps.

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Hi @Architha_J this works but the only problem is in on premise I don’t see any options as such which was mentioned in the document. Can you please guide us what should be done in this case?

@Samyuktha_G What all features are available to on prem bots depends on their contracts and the infra team (to deploy new changes). Please check on that.

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got it thanks, @Sanskrity