How to create lead in dynamics 365 sales modules ? after integration

i integrate the bot with dynamics 365 sales modules and now i want to create order in crm by passing quick replies in ,how to create the lead i got stuck at that point

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@sathiya can you please share Web API with me at
You can check out this doc to learn how to create a table using a web API: Create a table row using the Web API (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs
You can collect the response from the user using Quick Reply and store the response in the variables. Then you can pass those variables to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 API, as shown in this doc: API Management |

Let me know if need any help, I’d be happy to help.

i am able to make crud operation the lead from to sale module 365 dynamics .is it possible to create the order from chatbot to sales modules

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If a sales modules API is available, then it’s definitely possible.

How to send bearer token from one API result to another APIs header? | in this document shows that pass the variables from chatbot to salesforce crm using bearer-token, i need to pass the variables to dynamics sales 365 module using bearer token is there is any docs or blog do you have

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