How to do quick fixes in LIVE environment, while working on Phase 2 implementation in DEV environment?

Right now we are working on Phase 1 development and will be published to LIVE in coupld of weeks.
After that we have plan to start Phase 2 development works.
After moving to LIVE, if there are any quick fixes to be done in LIVE, while development of Phase 2 in progress, how can we do that?
Can we edit the flow/functions in LIVE directly?

Please guide us on this. @Pratik

Any update on this @Pratik @gautham
As we are planning to go LIVE, please suggest

Hi @senthil.vasan

Edits cannot be done in LIVE directly at any point of time. All changes would have to be made in Development and pushed to Live

If we are working on Phase 2, then how we can publish only the quick fixes to LIVE?
Any possible work around for this?

At the moment, there is no support for this directly. As a workaround, you can clone journeys that you’re making edits to and disable the start triggers before publishing to live to avoid conflicts - incomplete flows/code/apis will not interfere with the Phase 1 flow if disconnected completely

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank for the work around will try to use it for now.
But if we have three environment Sandbox / UAT / LIVE, it would be helpful for this use case.