How to pass dynamic images into an image node

I have an API response through which I’m getting a product image as a .png (few kb in size)

Can I pass that into a Carousel/Image node to dynamically change the image?

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I tried passing it a string variable to image node but I am getting Image Node Warning: variable structure is wrong,

@Sivashankar_Ramesh Apologies, we’ve updated the image to an array format now

const imageVariable = [{
        "options": {  
            "caption": { "type": 'random' },
        "url": "insertURL"

Thanks will test it out and let you know if it works

You can also do this in the carousal by creating your own custom/dynamic object (depends on your use case which node you select)

I tried code below in API parse function . It is working in website chatbot but not in whatsapp . In the whatsapp the image is not greeting


        "options": {  
        "url": body['image']

@Sivashankar_Ramesh can you send a sample link of the one you’re passing here

I got image form internet . this is link