API node - how to send the parameter value dynamically

I am using API node to get city and state based on pincode. User enters pincode when asked via bot in WhatsApp, then we call the API (API node). How do I pass parameter dynmically to the node, I do not see any configuration to send parameters.

Go over to the API you’d like to add dynamic values to.
Then go over to the API body.

You can pass a key-value pair as shown below.

    "identification": "{{id}}",

Once this has been set up, save the changes made

Then, when you go back to the bot flow, you’ll find that the API node will have the necessary additional fields, into which you can pass variable values that dynamically change.

Note: Same syntax can be followed for adding dynamic values to the PARAMS section and would have the fields depicted in the same manner within the API node.

Happy bot building :slight_smile:

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This is a GET request, so sending param in body. I am getting error expecting a paramter ( “error_message”: “Invalid request. Missing the ‘address’, ‘components’, ‘latlng’ or ‘place_id’ parameter.”,)
. And my API node looks different. I added dynamic value to PARAMS section but I don’t get Parameters of API selected section in my API node. Is it a bug in bot and need to be reported?


Can you confirm if you’ve saved the changes made to an API