Increasing the Char limit of Question node's input

Is it possible to update the char limit of question node? If yes, Kindly let me know how to do that.

@Harikrishnan_T You can increase it to 1024 by enabling Multi-line input.
Documentation - Set up Chat widget |

Note: Enabling multi-line will take the cursor to next line on clicking enter instead of sending the message

@akshay_bhat Any possibility to handle this without multiline input as clicking on ‘Enter’ would be the go to option for all users?

No @Harikrishnan_T
That’s the only way. Multi-line input was introduced for bots where users can provide much larger inputs. While doing so, multi-line behaviour will make it easier for users to view and edit the answers.

@akshay_bhat But it would be great if we enable multiline flag for individual nodes as we can opt whenever it is required. Thanks.

@Harikrishnan_T That might not provide an ideal experience for end users and can cause confusion. Also, it’s overhead to maintain and have the check at every step/node.