Integration with Leadsquared

While integrating with a Whatsapp connector on Leadquared CRM, i have to select the service provider? But the connector only shows these options, which one should i select?
My guess is that i select whatsapp client here?

@adhiraj.sharma moving this query to the integrations page for the respective team to guide you through the proess

Hey @adhiraj.sharma yes you have to connect to WA Client.
Refer to this doc LeadSquared Whatsapp Connector |

Also refer to leadSquared developer docs if your having issues with the API Get an Opportunity by Id - Api Docs - Leadsquared

Hi @adhiraj.sharma,

Yes you have to select Whatsapp Client.

Got it. Can you help me with the last step (step 9). Where do i find engagement?

Hey @adhiraj.sharma click on Studio , then in drop down Options you can find Engage Option then click on it and over there select the Preference and then enable this setting and save it.

Thanks, but i am unable to locate “Preference”. Where should i go?
This is the page that open on clicking Engage.

Hey @adhiraj.sharma buddy I have asked you to go to Engage section. Please carefully read my last message.

My bad!
Got it now, thanks.