How can the Leadsquared Live Agent Integration be done?

Since the Leadsquared Live Agent Integration is not available in the UI yet, what is the process to do the same?

@Shrestha_Ganguly thanks for reaching out to the Integrations Team.
Since the integration is not available on the UI (meaning the platform) yet, please reach out to the Product team with the request.

Please also mention this is required for App or Cloud bot.

FYR: @Dhiraj_Ramakrishnan @vishnu_priyan

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This would be required on Cloud.

@Dhiraj_Ramakrishnan @vishnu_priyan please help in how we can achieve this

cc @Mayank_Negi

Hi Shrestha,
We may request you to raise this as a new feature request internally on Jira. We shall evaluate the request based on demand and the use-cases.

Thank you.

@vishnu_priyan ticket has been raised - Log in with Atlassian account