Integration with Uneeq digital human


I am unable to integrate with with uneeq “3dDigital human” . its a virtual human avatar to make human like conversations with expressions.

Hi @RG00901167, thanks for reaching out to the Integrations team.

This is not directly related to any backend integration with any third-party system, it seems more like a UI-related thing. What exactly are you looking for?

hi @Mahesh , i want to integrate 3d digital human with, (ie. the 3d avatar should speak the same what is the bot in").

can we setup a call , it would be great to explain on call and have sol for it.


@Dhiraj_Ramakrishnan / @vishnu_priyan FYI

Hi @Mahesh
Can you help us here on the feasibility of this integration?

@Srinivas, first of all, this is not an Integration with a third-party system’s backend.

The product team will help with feasibility. I have already tagged them here.

Thanks @Mahesh

Hi @Dhiraj_Ramakrishnan / @vishnu_priyan

Srinivas, is there a customer request for this integration , can we also involve the product partnership team ( @Phani ) ?

Some questions that we need to think about,

  1. How will the web-widget behave in this case?
  2. This integration is opposite of what we generally do , we take information from bot and send it to and receive from the receipent system. In this case, the bot will be taken over by Digital Human so we will have to explore how the integration ( if a back-end integration is even needed)

Hi @Dhiraj_Ramakrishnan ,

Yes we do have a partner request for this feature.

@GauravGupta will provide you details.

Hi team,
Looks like there is no backend integration required for this.
Can anyone from web widget help us on this?

As per Uneeq docs Bring Your Own conversation platform - UneeQ Docs
How to Create 3D Virtual Assistants or Digital Humans - Ultimate Chatbot Tutorial - YouTube

We need to pass the questions or text in specific json format.