Multi-Lingual Setup failing

I have been trying to setup a Multi-lingual bot. These are the steps I followed:

  • Add the language.
  • Create a Quick reply and configure the buttons. Have set the button value of the configured language as their ISO code.
  • Have selected “Multilingual” and trained the bot

Result: The bot responds in English even though I selected the newly configured language. The confidence score of the configured langue(ISO code) is 0.118

Can the right POC help me with this

Hi @Saurabh_Kumar ,
Try not to assign variable in language node,
take data.message in a next function and resolve in a variable in that function with the ISO code.
Next set the targetlanguage with that variable.

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Hey @Subhrajit_Gupta

Is this a work-around to address it or is this how we actually setup multi-lingual bots?

There are as many ways to develop as it works with some efficiency.
You can try this way out or else raise a ticket about why it is not working from the node directly.
To set up Multilingual Bots, you just add a language, that’s it.
The rest is all bot development.
Make sure, the NLP model gives some confidence for the text typed after training.

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@Saurabh_Kumar Your approach should work just fine.
If your assignment of value etc is proper, please raise a internal JIRA for bug

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