Multilingual support

I configured bot for * [Multilingual support] for English and Hindi but not able to understand how to cross check it
Please give some assistance ASAP

Hi @helpgopik

You can refer to this doc for implementing a multilingual bot.

I had implemented it from the Doc
But we don’t know how to show it into chatbot.

and added into chatflow as enter pincode by selecting language option from the node

Ex. We need to promnt to user please select your language
If he selects English, then English flow works if user select Hindi, then it shows Hindi flow.

I followed this link Multilingual bot |
and steps but not able to change language into Hindi please help to resolve it
Plz check image for reference

reference 2 from whats app

on chatbot flow I added all the details but still not able to change language

Hi @helpgopik

Since it is a whatsapp bot use a carousel prompt node.

Create 2 buttons one for english with Text message as “en”

Another button for Hindi with Text message as 2.

Create a logic node as per the below sc

For the if part of the condition connect a variable node and select the variable pass the value as “hi”

With this you will be able to change the languages.