Multi Select option Issue


I am trying to build multiselect values dynamically on On-Prem Bot. But after running the flow not able to get the output. In logs not able to found any issue.


    let multiTier= {
  "title": [
    "Select an option",
    "Pick an option"
  "options": [
      "text": "",
      "title": "Btn #2",
      "advancedSettings": false,
      "id": "quick_d9eda393404266d4"
      "text": "",
      "title": "Btn #3",
      "advancedSettings": false,
      "id": "quick_39563a54f6889f4d"

And storing into the object.and fetching dynamically into the multi select node.

Kindly suggest solution.

Anyone, Can suggest solution?

Hey @Aishwarya.Gandhi,

The above code seem to work fine on my cloud test bot.

Hence Try raising a bug jira ticket on this to the On-prem team.