Upon clicking the option the option value is shown in the UI but it was fine till yesterday, today am facing this

i have a button as specifications its values will be data which i get from database upon clicking i was storing it in the node response variable later i was displaying it.
Previously upon clicking Specifications the word Specifications used to show in UI
now it’s value been shown.
is this expected ?

Hi @Harshitha_MH please check the node what value you are passing in that node whether it is numeric or a string.

@Jayesh_Rana the button value is string
i will be returning cards array from a function attaching it to carousal node storing the response in a string variable

Could you please try once again and check if this is still happening.
If yes, please create a Jira ticket and choose category web-widget.

We’re looking into this.

Please try again in 10-15 minutes and it should work as expected.

Turns out most of our older bots depend on the value instead of the title, so we can’t make this change on our end yet.

Hey, @Harshitha_MH

This issue has been resolved now. Please try the bot now and raise an internal ticket if this issue persists.

Clear your browser cache and hit cmd + shift + R to reload the bot.