Multiple value in contains condition

Hi Team,
I have to use multiple keywords in contains condition under if else.
Single value I am getting captured but if am putting the synonyms of that value I am unable to get the correct email.
At the other side I am creating variables using array type and storing multiple keywords but still facing some challenges.
Please confirm me is this the right way to fetch the array type variable.


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It’s not allowed to add multiple values under the contains field. Instead, you can add multiple condition nodes to achieve this.

Hi Pratik
I am using array for multiple values under the contains condition initially I have done, it was working perfectly but after this it’s not working. So I don’t know its the platform issue or it is happening from my end only.

In the array type variable I have entered the synonyms of the “vendors”.
But now its only going to the top if condition whatever I am entering the text response.
if I am typing any random query it going on top If condition instead of else condition.
Please let me know what should I do for this.

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@sanskritijain you need to store the value of an array item in a new variable {{{varibles.vVendors.0}}}.

And then under contains you can select that new variable.

I have four values in a array by using {{{varibles.vVendors.0}}} I am getting only 0th position value from the array. I have to use multiple values in an array.
How can I fetch one of the multiple value from the array.

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Yeah, as I mentioned earlier you need to add a seperate condition node for each item in the array.