Can we add multiple email id in the value of the variable

Hi ,
Please tell me can we add multiple mail id in the value of the variable what I have created.

Please find the screenshot for the reference.

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You can add multiple email IDs in a string variable but I’d recommend using an array to store multiple values in a variable.

Hi Pratik,
I have used array type variable with two mail id in the value but unable to get the mail.

Please correct me where I am doing wrong.

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You can access the value from an array variable using this syntax: {{{variable.vDemoVariable.0}}}.
Here 0 is index of array.

How we can send text for both the email.
{{{variable.vDemoVariable.0}}} its only for 0th position.

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In send email in am unable to write this syntax {{{variable.vDemoVariable.0}}}
for sending the text in two mail id at a same time.